Praise for TeacherPrints

I would certainly offer [TeacherPrints] to the teachers I’m coaching, and I would have used it myself when I was teaching. My career could be graphed as a downward descending curve of teacher talk as I got better and better at orchestrating activities where students were doing all/almost all of the talking...I think teachers are not even aware of how much they dominate classroom conversation.

Robby Ching, Special Consultant

Center for the Advancement of Reading & Writing, CSU Chancellor’s Office

Every class has different goals. Sometimes you're like, 'Today I'm telling them about something they know nothing about. I'm going to talk a lot. They will ask some questions, but mostly it's going to be me.' Other times, you're like, 'No, today I'm talking for the first 10 minutes and then the rest is all them. I don't really plan to say much at all.' [TeacherPrints] lets you see if you stuck to your plan or if you went off track and where that happened. You can't work on it if you aren't aware you're doing it.

Chantal Poister Tusher, PhD

Georgia State University