About the TeacherPrints Team

Our group came together around a vision to use data science for social good. TeacherPrints represents not only the knowledge we developed in our data science studies, but also the expertise, experience, and passion that we brought with us into this endeavor.

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Tim Slade

In my day job at RTI International I'm an education researcher, project director, open-source product manager, and general glue guy for the International Education Team. This project grew out of some conversations I had with colleagues over the last five years while living and working in Malawi and Kenya about how we could link up relatively low-tech hardware (e.g., low-end smartphones) with data science tools and techniques to help address the global learning crisis.

To the CeeJ, Princess N'omi, and Ms. Cora Bean: thank you for being such helpers these last two and a half years, and such amazing adventurous kiddos for far longer than that. To Anna, my ever-supportive wife, best friend, and partner-in-adventure: thank you for rolling the dice with expatriation, for running the family and household while I pursued this weird new grad degree, and for never failing to call me out when I'm frowning at the computer screen. Your love of teaching and learning and creativity never ceases to amaze. I dedicate TeacherPrints to you all.

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Korah Wiley

I am a learning scientist with 15+ years of experience in K-16 education. I currently work as a researcher at Digital Promise and have a passion for developing and investigating education technologies that can provide insight into teaching and learning. With graduate degrees in both the STEM field and STEM education, I am expanding my knowledge base into machine learning and analytics to develop technologies that provide students and educators with equitable and empowering learning experiences.

I dedicate TeacherPrints to my family of educators, who inspired and supported me to dedicate my life to teaching and learning, and to all my former and future students, for being the ultimate teachers!

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Anna Jacobson

I am an engineer by training, project manager by experience, and data scientist by vocation. As a student at UC Berkeley, I am rigorously pursuing the study of many facets of data science, while as a 20-year veteran of the construction industry, I lead teams in planning the complex process of creating the built environment. I am passionate about the evolution of decisions, from data to information to insight to action - and I am eager to start the next chapter of my career using data science to positively impact the world around us.

I dedicate TeacherPrints to my mother, who has been and will forever be my best teacher; my husband Seth, who is always at my side in all of our life's journeys; and my son Ike, for whom I wish a lifetime love of learning.

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Kim Darnell

By day, I integrate cognitive science, pedagogical expertise, design thinking, and data analytics to train and optimize chatbots that serve customers around the world. By night, I try to convince dogs they don't need more treats, offer adulting advice to my favorite college sophomore, co-lead an international gaming guild, and look for new ways to use cognitive and data science to facilitate accessibility and opportunity for all kinds of people. Before MIDS, I earned my PhD in Linguistics from the Ohio State University and was an NIMH Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Psychology at Carnegie Mellon University.

I dedicate TeacherPrints to my daughter, Maggie, who inspires me to never stop learning.

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Lee Moore

I am a health economist with 15+ experience years in the biotech industry, primarily in Europe and Asia-Pacific. I am currently working as an independent consultant supporting the development of Genentech’s global real-world data platform strategy. A lifelong learner, having collected four graduate degrees, I am passionate about how data and analytics can improve the lives of populations and am excited to apply the tools honed during my current graduate studies in another important discipline outside of healthcare.

I dedicate TeacherPrints to my baby boy Charley, who has been a real team-player, helping his mom stay up late in order to complete her data science masters degree.