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Understanding the interplay of teacher and student talk in your classroom is incredibly valuable, because managing talk time well is critical to a teacher’s success.

And it's easy with TeacherPrints, the world’s first language-agnostic, automatic classroom talk visualization technology, right on your smartphone.

Instructional self-coaching, anytime, anywhere

Discover the benefits of TeacherPrints.


Know your flow

Use TeacherPrints regularly to learn the flow of teacher and student talk in your classroom.


Manage your talk

Visualize patterns of problematic teacher and student talk to make them actionable.


Document your progress

Follow changes in patterns of teacher and student talk over time.


Reach your goals

Bring your classroom talk in sync with your instructional plan.

Talk management feedback made for every day

There are only a few tools available today that can analyze recordings of your teaching, and they are expensive and complicated. With the invention of TeacherPrints, we have made a technology that is accessible to anyone. Inspired by the teachers around the world who strive for excellence despite limited access to financial resources, we have developed a low-to-no cost, language-agnostic, instructional coaching app built on open-source machine learning models. And it works on your smartphone!

Innovation backed by cognitive and data science

Our product team includes experts in international education, research design, psycholinguistics, behavior modification, machine learning, data analytics, and project management. We have combined our decades of experience to ensure that TeacherPrints can provide meaningful information to help teachers grow. And we haven’t done it alone! TeacherPrints was developed in consultation with more than 10 teaching and instructional coaching experts, who declared it “useful and ingenious”, “compelling”, and “brilliant”.

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Artificial intelligence converts voices to visuals

TeacherPrints uses artificial intelligence to analyze audio recordings of teachers and students talking in their classrooms. Every voice has its own characteristics; for example, the pitch of a voice is highest for children, lower for women, and lowest of all for men. Our computer models review the recording a millisecond at a time and identify any voice that is present - no matter what language is being spoken! When the recording ends, the AI converts the analysis into visualizations of teacher and student talk during the session.

The building blocks of your TeacherPrint

Awareness of these features is the key to your classroom success.

Quality teacher talk -- explaining concepts to students -- is important, but for students to make the knowledge their own, student talk is critical. It’s a balance. Teachers need to hear student talk in order to assess student understanding.

Steve Barkley, Education Consultant

Teacher Talk and Student Talk (June 10, 2018)
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