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A Statement is a distinct unit of speech.

Your average Statement was 3.7 seconds long, while the Students' average Statement was 1.9 seconds.

For every second of Student Statements, there were about 2.0 seconds of Teacher Statements.

The ratio of Teacher Talk to Student Talk will vary by type of lesson. When you are introducing new or challenging material, Teacher Statements are likely to be much longer on average than Student Statements. As students become more familiar with the relevant content, the length of their Statements is likely to increase.

Considering the type of lesson, what are your thoughts about the average length of Teacher Statements as compared to Students Statements shown above?

This indicates there is a mismatch between your expectations and your practice for this type of lesson. Often, Teachers find this to be true when they are taking Statements that are much longer than their Students’. Here are some tips for increasing the length of time Students talk when they take a Statement: