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An Overlap is where a new Statement begins before the previous Statement ends.

The average Overlap was about 1.0 seconds.

In this lesson, 45.7% of Speaker Statements overlapped.

Overlaps occur when the teacher and students are talking at the same time. Given the type of lesson, would you expect there to be multiple voices active at the same time? Overlapping voices can occur because members of the class are engaged in lively conversations or activities, or because they aren’t really listening to what others have to say.

If you think you or your students need some help reducing Overlaps, here are some resources that may help:

Dealing with interruptions

Facilitating better listening

Reviewing the statement-by-statement Speech Map for Overlaps may also be helpful. See if there are overlaps that took place outside of small group activities, games, or discussions where people are expected to sometimes speak at the same time.

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